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The Revolution for Independent Film Production

What we are:

We believe in telling the stories that haven't been told yet - because they haven't had a voice, an outlet or the technology available to do them justice.

We believe in telling those stories in exploratory ways.

We believe in utilizing innovative technology.

 We believe in expressing the unexpressed.

Screenwriting Competiton 2012

Well, it's been tough!  There were some incredible submissions, many of which were inspiring, some intruiging and all a pleasure to have produce...but after much debate...Formula 37 has found the winner for it's first production!  Thank you to everyone who took the time to submit.  If your production wasn't selected PLEASE check in again for round two!

Now that the hard part's over, we begin the impossible. We are currently in development and storyboarding phase, but stay tuned for trailers and content as we release them before the premiere!  

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